Detachment Orders - Superintendents of Provisions

July 8th, 1804

"In order to insure a prudent and regular use of all provisions issued to the crew of the Batteaux in future, as also to provided for the equal distribution of the same among the individuals of the several messes, The Commanding Officers Do appoint the following persons to recieve, cook, and take charges of the provisions which may from time to time be issued to their respective mess, (viz) John B. Thompson to Sergt. Floyd's mess, William Warner to Sergt. Ordway's mess, and John Collins to Sergt. Pryor's Mess. - These Superintendants of Provision, are held immediately responsible to the commanding Officers for a judicious consumption of the provisions which they recieve; they are to cook the same for their several messes in due time, and in such a manner as is most wholesome and best calculated to afford the greatest proportion of nutriment; in their mode of cooking they are to exercise their own judgement ; they shall (point) allso pint out what part, and what proportion of the mess provisions are to be consumed at each stated meal (i.e.) morning, noon and night; nor is any man at any time to take or consume any part of the mess provisions without the privity, knowledge and consent of the Superintendant.  The superintendant is also held responsible for all the cooking eutensels of his mess.  in consideration of the duties imposed by this order on Thompson, Warner, and Collins, they will in future be exempt from guard dut, tho' they will still be held on the royster for that duty, and their regular tour- shall be performed by some one of their rispective messes; they are exempted also from pitching the tents of the mess, collecting the firewood, and forks poles & for cooking and drying such fresh meat as may be furnished them; those duties are to be also performed by the other members of the mess.-

M. Lewis

Wm. Clark

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