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St. Louis, Missouri

11 N 4th St, Saint Louis, MO 63102-1810

Call:( 314) 655-1700

Jefferson Monuments,  Memorials, &
 Nickel Series

New Nickel Obverse
Westward Journey
Nickel Series

The Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC.

Thomas Jefferson
St. Louis, Missouri

Louisiana Purchase Commemorative Statue
Jefferson City, Missouri

Thomas Jefferson Commemorative Statue
Jefferson City, Missouri

Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota.  Image by National Park Service
Mount Rushmore
Keystone, South Dakota

Museum of Westward Expansion

Located beneath the arch, you will discover the incredible journey of Lewis and Clark, Native American history, the hardships endured by travelers,
and view the largest collection of peace medals on display in the world

The Museum of Westward Expansion preserves some of the rarest artifacts from the days of Lewis and Clark. Through our exciting exhibits, you can explore the world of the American Indians and the 19th century pioneers who helped shape the history of the American West. Peace Medal Collection


NOW SHOWING: "Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West" ~ See the odyssey of Lewis and Clark on
The Odyssey Theatre's giant four-story screen. Narrated by Jeff Bridges,
 this film takes you with Lewis and Clark to explore the uncharted lands of the
 Louisiana Purchase and beyond.

Lewis and Clark Photomural Exhibit
This exhibit is on permanent display on the back wall of the Museum of Westward Expansion under the Gateway Arch. 

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