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Tavern Cave in  Missouri

Cave is in the vicinity of St. Albans, Missouri.  No public access, visible from the river.   

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[photo] Photo from National Register collection, photo taken by H. Roger Grant, State Historical Survey, Missouri State Park Board
Tavern Cave was well known to the Indians, French and Spanish trappers and traders before Lewis and Clark visited.

Lewis and Clark visited the cave on May 23, 1804

" we passed a large Cave on the Ldb. Side (called by the french the Tavern) - about 120 feet wide 40 feet Deep & 20 feet high  many different immages are Painted on the Rock at the place  The Inds. and French pay omage.  Many names are wrote on the rock, Stoped about one mile above for Capt. Lewis who had assended the Clifts ... hanging over the waters... near falling from the Pinecles of rocks 300 feet, he caught at 20 foot".




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