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Washburn, North Dakota  

Located on the Missouri River,  Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Special Interest
Fort Mandan Replica
Seaman Overlook
1804/05 Village Map

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Fort Mandan the wintering post of Lewis and Clark during the winter of 1804-1805 Welcome to Fort Mandan Replica

Main Gate 1. Main entrance to the fort. Opened daily at sunrise and closed at sunset.

Blacksmith Shop and Guardsroom 2 & 3. Blacksmith shop was operated by John Shields, William Bratton, and Alexander Willard. The shop was used to repair the neighboring Indians' axes, hoes, and kettles in return for much needed corn. Guardroom also acted as recreational room.

Interpreter Quarters and Captains Room 4 & 5. Touissant Charbonneau and his wives Sakakawea and Otter Woman along with York Captain Clark's slave stayed. On February 11, 1805 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born in this room. The Captains shared a room.

Blunderbusses, Sentinel's Catwalk, Storehouse & Smokehouse 6 , 7 , 8 , & 9 .

Enlisted Men's Quarter's 10 & 11. In the enlisted Quarters there was on Sergeant per room; 7 - 8 enlisted men in the same quarters.

Enlisted Men's Quarter's 12 & 13


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