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1806 Journal Entry Archives   June 1  - 7,  1806

lolotrailb.gif (55271 bytes)Encamped at Camp Chopunnish* (Long Camp)
* A word Lewis used for the Ni Mii Pu - Nez Perce

June 1, 1806

"This morning Geo Drewyer accompanied by Hohastillpilp  set out in serch of two tomahawks of ours which we have understood were in the possession of certain indians resideing at a distance in the Plains on the South side of Flat Head river.  one is a pipe tomahawk ... the other was stolen from me whilst we lay at the forks of this and Chopunnish rivers last fall.   Colter and Wilard set out this morning on a hunting excurtion .... we feel some anxiety with respect to Sergt. Ordway and party who were Sent to Lewis's river for salmon; we have not receved no intillegence of them sense they set out.  "   Clark

June 2, 1806

"McNeal and York were sent on a tradeing voyage over the river this morning. Having exhosted all out merchindize we were obliged to have recourse to every Subterfuge in order to prepare in the most manner in our power to meet that wretched portion of our journey, the Rocky Mountians, where hungar and Cold in their most rigorous form assail the waried traveller; not any of us have forgotten our sufferings in those mountains in September last, and I think it probably we never shall.  Our traders McNeal and York were furnished with the buttons which Cat. C. and myself cut off our coats, some eye water and Basilicon which we made for that purpose ... in the evening they returned with about 3 bushels of roots and some bread having made a successfull voyage.  Sergt Ordway Frazier and Wizer returned with 17 salmon and some roots of cows; the distance was so great from which they had brought the fish that most of them were nearly spoiled.   Drewyer arived this evening with Neeshneparkkeeook and Hohashillpilp woh had accompanied him to the lodge of the person who had our tomahawks.  he obtained both the tomahawks principally by the influence of the former of those Chiefs.  the one which had been Stolen we prized most as it was the private property of Serjt. Floyd and Capt. C.  was desireous of returning it to his friends  "   Lewis

 June 3, 1806

"Our invalids are all on the recovery; and the child is nearly 3 PM the broken arm and three wariors visited us and remained all night.  Colter, Jos. Fields and Willard returned this evening with five deer and one bear of the brown Species*(this species of bear is smaller than our common black bear). today the Indians dispatched an express over the mountains to travellers rest of the neighbourhood of that Creek on Clark's river** in order to learn form the Oote-lash-shoots a band of Flatheads who have wintered there, the occurrences that have taken place on the East side of the mountains during that season.  this is the band which we first met with on that river*** .  the mountains being practicable for this express we thought it probable that we could also pass, but the indians informed us that several of the creeks would yet swim our horses, that there was no grass and that the roads were extreemly deep and slipery; they informed us that we would pass conveniently in twelve or fourteen days****.  we have come to a resolution to remove from hence to the quawmash grounds beyond Collins's Creek***** on the 10th to hunt and then attempt the mountains about the middle of this month. "  Lewis

brown Species* - Cinnamon bear

Clark's river** Lolo Creek and the Bitterroot River, in Missoula County, Montana

met with on that river*** - Reference is to the Salish or Flatheads

fourteen days**** - Note that the Nez Perces assumed that their messengers could make it across the mountains in spite of the snow but did not believe the white men could.  Subsequent events proved them correct.

Collins's Creek***** - To Weippe Prairie, north of Lolo Creek in Clearwater County, Idaho where they had first met the Nez Perces on September 20, 1805.

 June 4, 1806

"about noon the 3 chiefs* left us and returned to their villages. While they were with us we repeeted the promisces we had formerly made them and invited them to the Missouri with us, they declined going untill the latter end of the Summer, and Said it was their intention to Spend the ensuing winter on the East side of the Rocky Mountains.  they gave us no positive answer to a request which we made that two of three of their young men should accompany me to the falls of the Missouri and there wait my return from the upper part of Maria's river** where it was probable I should meet with some of the bands of the Minnetares from Fort de Prairie*** .   The Broken Arm invited us to his vilage and said he wished to speak to us before we set out. and that he had some roots to give us for our journey over the mountains. "

3 chiefs* - Evidently Broken Arm, Cut Nose, and Hohots Ilppilp

Maria's river** - Lewis indicates here the route he expects to take after reaching Travelers' Rest and splitting with Clark. 

 Fort de Prairie***  - The Atsinas and perhaps also the Blackfeet

June 5, 1806

"Colter and Bratton were permitted to visit the indian villages today for the purpose of trading for roots and bread, they were fortunate and made a good return... we gave the Indian Cheif another Sweat to-day... the child is recovering fast..."  Clark

June 6, 1806

"This morning Frazier returned having been in quest of some roots and bread which had left at the lodg of the Twisted hair when on his way to the fishery on Lewis's river. the Twisted hair came with him but I was unable to converse with him for the want of an interpreter, Drewyer being absent with Capt. C. This Cheif left me in the evening and returned to his village, Capt. C. Visited the Broken Arm.  The Broken Arm informed Capt. C. that the nation would not pass the mountain untill the latter end of the summer and that with rispect to the young men whom we had requested should accompany us to the falls of the Missouri, were not yet scelected for that purpose nor could they be so untill there was a meeting of the nation in counsil.  that this would happen in the course of ten or twelve days ... that when they had assembled themselves they would hold a council and scelect the young men.  that if we set out previously to that period the men would follow us.  we therefore do not calculate on any assistance from them as guides, but depend more upon engageing some of the Ootlashoots in the neighborhood of Travellers rest.  we met with a butifull little bird in this neighbourhood about the size and somewhat the shape of the large sparrow*, and is formed much like the virginia nitingale**"  Lewis

large sparrow* - The first description of the Western Tanager

virginia nitingale** - See June 4, 1804

June 7, 1806

"our party are much engaged in preparing their saddles arranging their loads provisions for our departure... "  Lewis

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