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1806 Journal Entry Archives   June 18  -24,  1806

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June 18, 1806  - Camped on Eldorado Creek, Idaho County, Idaho

"This morning we had considerable difficulty in collecting our horses  they haveing straggled off to a considerable distance in surch of food on the sides of the mountains among the thick timber; at 9 OCK. we collected them all except one of Drewyers and one of Sheildes; we set out leaving Sheilds and Pa Page to collect the two lost horses and follow us.  We dispatched Drewyer and Shannon to the Chopunnish Indians in the plains beyond the Kooskooske in order to hasten the arrival of the indians who had promised to accompany us or to procure a guide at all events and rejoin us as soon as possible.  we sent by them a rifle which we offered as a reward to any of them who would engage to conduct us to traveller's rest ; we also dirrected them if they found difficulty in induciny any of them to accompany us to offer the reward of two other guns to be given them immediately and ten horses at the falls of the Missouri.  we had not proceeded far this morning before Potts cut his leg very badly with one of the large knives; he cut one of the large veigns on the inner side of the leg; I found much difficulty in stoping the blood which I could not effect untill I applyed a tight bandage with a little cushon of wood and tow on the veigh below the wound.  Colter's horse fell with him in passing hungry creek and himself and horse were driven down the creek a considerable distance rolling over each other among the rocks. he fortunately escaped without injury or the loss of his gun.  by 1 PM we returned to the glade on the branch of hungry creek wher we had dined on the 16th inst*.  here we again halted and dined.  as there was much appearance of deer about this place we left R & J Feilds with directions to hunt this evening and tomorrow morning at this place and to join us in the evening at the meadows of Collin's Creek where we intend remaining tomorrow in order to rest our horses and hunt.  after dinner we proceeded on to Collin's Creek and encamped."  Lewis 

16th inst*. - A branch of Fish Creek, in Idaho County, Idaho, see June 16, 1806

June 19, 1806 -  Remained on Eldorado Creek

"Our hunters were out very early this morning, they returned before noon with one deer only.  the Fishermen had been more unsuccessfull, they returned without a single fish and reported they could find but few.  we determined to send out all the hunters in the morning in order to make a fair experiment of the pactability  of our being able to subsit at this place and if not we shall move the day after to the Quawmash Flatts.  Cruzatte brought me several large morsels* which I roasted and eat with without salt and pepper or grease  in this way I had for the first time the true taist of the morrell which is truly an insipped taistless food.  our stock of slat is now exhausted except two quarts which I have reserved for my tour up Maria's River"  Lewis

large morsels* - Most likely the black morel, a spring mushroom highly prized by people who have access to salt and "grease".

June 20, 1806

"the hunters assured us that their greatest excertions would not enable them to support us here more than one or two days longer ...  we determined to return in the morning as far as the quawmash flatts * and indeavour to lay in another stock of meat for the mountains, our former stock being now nearly exhausted as well as what we have killed. By returning to the quawmash flats we shall sooner be informed whether of not we can procure a guide to conduct us through the mountains; should we fail in procuring one, we have determined to wrisk a passage on the following plan immediately, because should we wait much longer or untill the snow desolves in such a manner as to enable us to follow the road we cannot hope to reach the United States this winter."  Lewis

quawmash flatts* - Weippe Prairie

June 21, 1806 - Camped on Weippe Prairie (quawmash flatts), where the party had camped June 10-15, 1806

"We collected our horses early set out on our return to the flatts.  we felt some mortification in being thus compelled to retrace our steps through this tedious and difficult part our rout, obstructed with branch and innumerable logs of fallen timber which renders the raveling distressing and even dangerous to our horses.  one of Thompson's horses is either choked this morning or has the distemper very badly I fear he is to be of no further service to us.  an excellent hors of Cruzatte's snagged himself badly in the groin in jumping over a parsel of fallen timber that he will evidently be of no further service to us.  at the pass of Collin's Creek we met two young Indians who were on their way over the mountain; they had brought with them the three horses and the mule that had left us and returned to the quawmash grounds.  "  Lewis

June 22, 1806 - Camped on Weippe Prairie

"this morning by light all hands who could hunt were sent out; the result of this days performance was greater than we had even hoped for.  we killed eight deer and three bear.  we dispatched Whitehouse to the Kooskooske near our old encampment above Collin's Creek* in order to procure some Salmon which we have understood the natives are now taking in considerable quantities near that place.  we gave Whitehouse a few beads which Capt. C had unexpectedly found in one of his waistcoat pockets to purchase fish.  "   Lewis

Collin's Creek*  - Camp Chopunnish

June 23, 1806 - Camped on Weippe Prairie

"Shannon & Drewyer brought with them three indians who had consented to accompany us to the falls of the Missouri for the Compensation of 2 guns."   Lewis

June 24, 1806 - Camped on Eldorado Creek, Idaho County, Idaho, where the party had camped June 18 - 20, 1806

"We collected our horses early this morning and set out accompanyed by our three guides."   Lewis
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