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 Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure"


Clearwater National Forest
12730 Highway 12
Orofino, ID  83544
Call: 208-476-4541



A Snapshot Today

The Lolo Motorway Forest Road 500, winds along the ridges above the Lochsa River.  Don't let the term "motorway" fool you.  It's an old-fashioned term from the early days of automobile travel when people didn't take drives; they "motored".

You will find no gas stations, stores, developed water sources or other services along this high elevation, precipitous dirt road.  You will find 100 miles of breathtaking scenery, set in a sea of mountains.

Mountain lakes and ridge-top vistas beckon travelers.  Trails meander alongside and away from the motorway, offering paths for hiker explorers.

The history of the motorway is rich.  Many sites along the route are revered by American Indians.  Others are valued for their primitive state.  All sites deserve our respect and protection. 

Enjoy, and take only photographs and memories with you!