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Fort Benton, Montana Fort Benton, Montana

Cache # 1

June 10, 1805

"We determined to deposite at this place the large red perogue all the heavy baggage , some provisions, salt, tools, powder and Lead & accordingly we set some hands to diging a hole or cellar for the reception of our stores.  these holes in the ground or deposits are called by the engages cashes"

On the journey back from the Pacific Ocean in 1806, Lewis's exploration team would retrieve the "Cache".


July 28, 1806 Captain Lewis

"... we decended the river opposite to our princiipal cash which we proceeded to open after reconnoitering the adjacent country.  we found that the cash had caved in and most of the articles burried therin were injured; I sustained the loss of two very large bear skins which I much regret; most of the fur and baggage belonging to the men were injured.  the gunpowder corn flour poark and salt had sustained but little injury the parched meal was spoiled or nearly so.  having no time to air these things wich they much wanted we droped down to the point to take in the several articles which had been buried at that place in several small cashes; these we found in good order, and recovering every articles except 3 traps belonging to Drewyer which could not be found... we passed immediately to the island in the entrance of Maria's river to launch the red perogue, but found her so much decayed that it was imposible with the means to repair her and therefore mearly took the nails and other ironwork's about her which might be or service to us and left her." 


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