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Astoria, Oregon
Fort Clatsop Rd, Astoria, OR 97103

92343 Fort Clatsop Road
Astoria, Oregon
Call: 503-861-2471
Ext 214

Open Year- round 7 days a week
(closed Christmas Day)

8:00 AM - 5 PM   Daily

Area Commemorative Statues

Sacagawea and baby - Photo from NPS
Netul Landing
at Fort Clatsop

Clark's Tree along the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail
Along the Discovery Trail, Washington

Captain Clark and 10-foot-long Sturgeon Statue along the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail
Along the Discovery Trail, Washington

Seaside, Oregon The End of the Lewis and Clark Trail Monument
End of the Trail Statue
at Seaside


How Natives used BearGrass

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

 On December 8, 1805, the expedition members began to build a fort.  By Christmas Eve they were under shelter.  They named the fort for the friendly local Indian tribe, the Clatsops.  The members of the Lewis and Clark expedition remained at Fort Clatsop until March 23, 1806. 

Life at the fort was far from pleasant.  It rained every day but 12 of the 106 days at the Fort.  Perhaps the most important activity undertaken during their winter here was the reworking of the journals by the leaders, and the preparation of organized accounts of the scientific data gathered during the journey. 

 Here also, Clark prepared many of the maps which were among the most significant contributions of the expedition. 

Inside the Visitor Center is a life-size bronze statue, "Arrival," by Stanley Wanlass, features Lewis with arms spread, a Clatsop Indian showing Clark a flounder, Clark with quill pen sketching the fish, and Seaman looking on. This statue was commissioned for the 175th L&C anniversary.

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