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 Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure"

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Columbia River Gorge  National Scenic Area

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Mapping along the Lewis and Clark Trail

35. Beacon State Park Clark described this "remarkable high detached rock... about 800 feet high and 400 paces around, we call the Beaten rock".  At this point, the Corps first noticed tidal influence of the Pacific Ocean.  Trail to summit and spectacular view.  Interpretive sign.

36.  Bonneville Dam - Completed in 1938, this dam inundated the "Cascades of the Columbia", around which the Corps portaged.  Hatchery, trails, and visitor center with an exhibit: Lewis & Clark on the River.

37.  Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center - Overlooking the river, the museum has Lewis & Clark related exhibits, the Emory & Ruth Strong Library, and a multi-media presentation on the history of the Columbia Gorge.

38.  Cascade Locks Marine Park - At the Cascades of the Columbia, now under water, the Captains observed evidence of a massive landslide that had once blocked the river and gave rise to the myth of "The Bridge of the Gods".  Interpretive sign, trail and museum.


Map Source: Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon  1200 SW Park, Portland, OR  97205.  Ted Kaye &  Roger Cooke. 


Lewis & Clark 1806 Timeline