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Akta Lakota Museum
Chamberlain, SD

Call : 605-734-3452
Toll Free: 


"Lewis & Clark on the Great Plains Timeline" 720 KB (PDF) 


Akta Lakota Museum

Located in the heart of Sioux country on the banks of the Missouri River is one of the most culturally rich places to visit in the Midwest. The Akta Lakota Museum at St. Joseph's Indian School ("Akta Lakota" means "to honor the people") is an educational outreach of the school that strives to preserve and promote Sioux culture.  

The Akta Lakota Museum is a tribute to the Sioux nation that offers visitors a rare and fascinating glimpse into the Lakota culture. Since the museum’s opening in 1991, thousands of people worldwide have been captivated by the unparalleled style, scale, and richness of the facility and its displays of Lakota life, both past and present. Visitors are taken on a visual journey through the proud heritage of the Sioux and into the excitement of contemporary Sioux art.

This quality Native American experience stems from the Akta Lakota Museum being the only Native American cultural center of its kind. St. Joseph’s Indian School has acquired this rare collection of art and artifacts through gifts received from alumni and friends since the school opened its doors in 1927.


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