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Lewis and Clark were instructed
by President Jefferson to:

A. Map a new route to the Pacific Ocean
B. Make contact with the Native Americans
C. Obtain specimens for further study
D. Keep a full record of activities during the Expedition

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Beyond Lewis & Clark (KSHS)

  1. Lewis and Clark State Historic Site - Monument commemorates the Expedition’s preparations during the winter of 1803-04 at "Camp Wood." The actual site has been obliterated by river channel migration.

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2. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site - Commemorates President Jefferson’s vision of the continental destiny of the United States, evidenced by his sponsorship of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Museum of Westward Expansion is underground below the 630-foot stainless steel arch. Excellent Lewis and Clark interpretation. 
GPS Coordinates :  38 37. 30 N       90 11.19 W

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3. Bellefontaine Cemetery - Clark’s grave.

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4. St. Charles Riverfront Park - The Expedition camped here May 16-20, 1804, while waiting for Lewis to complete business in St. Louis, and again on September 21, 1806. Interpretive sign.

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5. Tavern Cave - Lewis and Clark visited the cave May 23, 1804. No public access.

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6. Arrow Rock State Historic Site - Clark noted Arrow Rock Bluff as they passed it on June 9, 1804. Interpretive sign.

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7. Stump Island Park - Located on the site of the June 10-11, 1804, camp named "Stump Island" in Clark’s journal. Interpretive sign.

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