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The 71-acre park is open all year during daylight hours. 
Call: 208 - 756-1188      Small Admission Fee

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The Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural, and Education Center is located in Salmon, Idaho by the rivers and mountains of Sacajawea’s homeland.

The 71-acre park is dedicated to the commemoration of Sacajawea, her people the Agaidika, and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The Center is a unique outdoor experience for Lewis and Clark travelers to learn about culture and history in our beautiful and wild lands that retain much of character from 200 years ago. It is indeed “the Natural Choice for Lewis and Clark Travelers”.   200 Main St, Salmon, ID 83467-4111

The bronze monument of “Sacajawea and Pomp” was created by Idaho sculpture Agnes Vincen Talbot. It is a fitting tribute to Sacajawea in the backdrop of the Beaverhead Range and the Lemhi River Valley, and landscaped with natural local rocks and flower gardens.

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