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Stanton, North Dakota  
Knife River National Historic Site (national park), North Dakota, United States

PO Box 9
Stanton, North Dakota  58571
Call:  1-701-745-3309

Located 30 minutes west of Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
follow scenic highway 200A.

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Map of the Knife River Indian Villages (PDF)

This site was once home to several villages of Hidatsa and Mandan Indians, with a population of 3,000 - 5,000 people.  These villages are where Lewis and Clark obtained the services of Sakakawea and her husband Charbonneau.  Visible remains of earthlodge dwellings, cache pits, fortification ditches and travois trails are in an extraordinarily fine state.
Museum has exhibits of Indian artifacts and crafts, an orientation film and a full-sized earth lodge. 

Also, a 1 1/2 mile self-guided walking tour.

Hidatsa and Mandan Nation

Hidatsa Also known as the Minnetarees; in early history they were called the Gros Ventres.
(Capt. Lewis' Journal Entry: ... a Mr. Chaubonie, interpeter for the Gros Ventre nation came to see us... November 4th, 1804).
 French fur traders called them "Big Bellies", because of a Indian sign language gesture in the front of the abdomen, to indicate their custom of tattooing parallel stripes across the chest. 

Mandans - Living among the Hidatsa Nation.  Cultivated a variety of crops, including corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, and tobacco. 

October 31, 1804
"A second cheif arrived this morning with an invitation from the grand cheif of the Mandans to come to his village...Captain Clarke walked down to his village; he was seated with great ceremony on a robe by the side of the chief, who then threw over his shoulders another robe handsomely ornamented..." 


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